November 1, 2010

"Working at a Marina doing the hull washing and waxing, I see many boats with fender marks, ruined striping and other damage due to docking.  Dock Armor is a fantastic product that will replace present dock protection systems.  It is made from a material that will not crack or become brittle.  Dock Armor does not turn black and the method for fastening it to the dock ensures that screws will not pop out and scratch your boat.  A remote control switch can light up your dock as you return to your cottage after an evening visiting with neighbours.  The lights help friends and family find your cottage in the dark and provide enough light so they can dock effectively and disembark safely."


Diane Ross-Langley

Sales and Accounts Manager

Village Marina Limited

2762 Honey Harbour Road

Honey Harbour, Ontario

P0E 1E0


“We have been using Dock Armor around our marina since 2001. The dock fenders have been used at the gas dock, we have lined some slips with them, and we have even strung lights through them to light up docks or bridges.  This product works great, it looks great and most importantly it saves scratches on the hull of your boat. I would recommend this product to any boater or marina.”

Ryan Stovold – Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc.

 “Dock Armor was installed on our docks in 2006.  They look great and are very resilient.  With docks as busy as ours it is important to have a great working product that is safe on the hull of the boat.”

George Fleet – The Waubic Inn



“We have had Dock Armor on our gas docks and transient docks since 2001. These are very high traffic areas and we have yet to have a problem with them. They were easy to install and look fantastic. I have no hesitation recommending these to the boating community.”

Steve Crate - Crates Marine Sales Ltd.

    "The short connectors fit perfectly inside the long sections and corner or end-cap pieces much like a telescoping fishing rod.  All pieces are pre-drilled so all you do is hold it in place and screw through the access hole in the front of the tube, securing the back of the tube to the vertical face of the dock. It doesn’t trap water, so there’s no risk of rotting the dock boards, and Dock Armor provides three inches of stiff but flexible cushion to hold the heaviest of hulls off the dock.  That old ugly rubber tire and the moldy fender are gone from my dock – finally!  Teaching my oldest daughter to dock our cruiser this summer will be a lot less stressful."

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